Karma Dog's Vacation Program (Customized to fit your designated travel dates)

A gentle, effective, and enlightened approach to dog training

Is your gut feeling telling you that your dog would probably feel more comfortable staying at home while you’re away on your next trip rather than being shipped off somewhere?

Is your dog simply not the best fit for Traditional Board & Train because he/she isn’t 100% friendly with all other dogs?

Would you ever describe your dog as being needy or insecure?

Does your dog have some separation anxiety issues that would prevent them from being comfortable away from you and your home?

Do you know intuitively that sending them away would probably only exacerbate their current issues?

If you've answered YES to either one of these questions ...

Don’t worry! We’ll come to you!

With our most popular and in demand ‘Vacation program’, one of our experienced and trustworthy head trainers will be living in your home for you while you're on vacation doing a combination of day training and overnight pet sitting!

Yes, you read that correctly. Our head trainer will spend all day with your dog (teaching him/her new things, walking him/her and taking excellent overall care of your dog) while also spending all night cuddled up with your fur baby!

The best part about our ‘Vacation program’ is that it can be customized to fit your specific designated travel dates and be the exact length of days you have to be away from home.

Why is this program more effective than our Traditional Board & Train?

Since dogs are what we refer to as "contextual learners," science tells us they learn best in relation to their own environment.

With our 'Vacation program', your dog is learning in the exact environment where most of their "bad behavior" happens. As a result, the learning curve is shorter, results happen faster and your dog associates the pleasure of learning and growing to their own home turf.

Less work for you when the training is complete!

The best part about our 'Vacation program' is that when you come home from your trip, because your dog has already been taught everything they need to know in relation to their own environment, there will be less work for you in terms of having to reinforce all of the behaviors they learned, compared to if you had chosen to do our Traditional Board & Train program.

On average, dog parents spend approximately 50% less time following through on the training when their dog learns through our 'Vacation program', than when a dog learns in a Traditional Board and Train.

Dogs have so many amazing qualities, but unfortunately, an ability to generalize is not one of them. Dogs are contextual learners. In order for a dog to truly know a behavior, we must take the time to specifically train them in the environment where we want them to integrate the new behaviors. This way, any new behavioral responses become what we refer to as 'default settings' in a dog's nervous system. This happens most effectively when we have the luxury of training on a dog's home turf.


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Great Experience!

I cannot say enough good things about Karma Dog Training and recommend them more to anyone looking for dog training. I was a nervous first time puppy owner and was put at ease right away once I found Karma.

- Mariel C.
West Hollywood, CA


Karma Dog Training has given me a great experience of learning the basic commands and procedures of owning a first time puppy. In the Kindergarten Puppy training class, Jennifer Sturgeon, one of the dog trainers that was there was very kind and helpful.

- John L.
Arcadia, CA

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