Dog to Human Aggression

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What is dog to human aggression?

Dog-to-human aggression can be unpredictable and dangerous, especially when there is an extensive history of aggressive behavior. Dog-to-human aggression is described as growling, barking, snapping at family members, guests, strangers, or biting any person. Dog-to-human aggression is very serious, and poses a liability for dog owners and the general public. If your dog is reactive and/or aggressive towards people or has bitten a person, the most crucial thing you must do is effectively manage your dog and your dog’s environment to keep people safe.

We often wonder why or how human aggression could happen. The number one cause is distress and anxiety. Some dogs were neglected, abused, forced, and/or harshly disciplined. Most dogs today are house pets that spend most of their day laying around on the couch. It is less likely that dogs are being mentally and physically exercised and enriched as they would if they had jobs. As mental and physical outlets are reduced, so is emotional stability. Other factors that may influence a dog to become aggressive could be poor breeding, genetics and health, poor socialization, negative experiences, and/or pain, to name a few.

How do we address it?

Although there is no “fix” or “cure” for aggression, positive-reinforcement-based training can help. A Karma Dog Trainer can help you with management of your dog and its environment, teach you how to train new coping skills, and help modify your dog’s behavior.

With behavior modification and counter conditioning protocols, together we can reshape your dog's emotions and habits when around their human trigger. Our exercises start off simply and build up, ensuring success all the way. It is important to make it easy for the dog to succeed at every step. Learning is best under low stress and so you will never see our training use intimidation, force, yelling, jerking, frustration or anger.

In short, we will
  • Provide a behavioral assessment and consultation
  • Evaluate individual dog’s prognosis
  • Implement mindful management of the situation
  • Equipt the owner with important knowledge
  • Teach the owner dog handling safety and environmental management
  • Teach the owner effective use of various tools
  • Teach the owner how to recognize the precursors for aggressive behavior and to understand communication and warnings
  • Teach the owner defensive handling skills
  • Teach the dog alternative, more desirable behaviors
  • Set up training for success at each step
  • Adjust protocols based on results at each step
  • Empower the owner how to plan proactively, deal with complications owner and how to follow through with progress

As with most behavioral issues, severity ranges significantly. Some dogs are unable to change their extensive fears or emotional trauma, just like humans. For severe cases, an owner may need to seek care from a Veterinary Behaviorist if and when training is not enough. Medications in addition to training could be recommended. Sometimes we can’t make the needed changes fast enough for everyone’s immediate safety. Sometimes the challenge may feel too large to fit into your current life demands. Occasionally these situations turn tragic. In some instances, euthanasia may need to be considered.

While the ultimate goal is to keep your dog, if you ever find yourself facing these concerns, Karma Dog Training will be there to help you understand your choices and support you in your decision making.


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I cannot say enough good things about Karma Dog Training and recommend them more to anyone looking for dog training. I was a nervous first time puppy owner and was put at ease right away once I found Karma.

- Mariel C.
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Karma Dog Training has given me a great experience of learning the basic commands and procedures of owning a first time puppy. In the Kindergarten Puppy training class, Jennifer Sturgeon, one of the dog trainers that was there was very kind and helpful.

- John L.
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