Empowered Warriors Program

A gentle, effective, and enlightened approach to dog training

Empowered Warriors Program

Veterans are taught how to care for and train canines for companionship through positive reinforcement training methods. These dogs are owned by and live with the veterans.

Program Goal

This program allows Veterans to form an emotional and working connection with both dogs and people. It is beneficial to all parties as Veterans can give back to the community through modeling excellent pet ownership and teach other owners the most effective dog training techniques based on the latest fear-free scientific developments. This requires the veteran to exercise responsibility, compassion, discipline, and resilience.


Veterans will be made aware of the opportunity and will complete an application with The Gratitude Foundation (TGF) if interested. The staff will then select Veterans from the applicants to be interviewed by TGF.

During the interview, we will explain the responsibilities of a positive reinforcement trainer and guidelines they would be required to follow. Once Veterans are selected, they then must have their dogs evaluated for entrance in the program or will be provided with a dog from the staff to train that will be returned to its owner placed upon completion of the program. 10 veterans will be selected to participate in the initial 6 month program.

Requirements for veterans to participate must:
  • Not have any animal abuse charges/ sexually based crimes
  • No history of violence based crimes
  • Apply for the program and interview with the staff
  • Attend 5 classes and demonstrate proper dog handling skills by completion of class
  • Be able to lift 65 pounds
Equipment and Supplies

All equipment and supplies will be provided and owned by TGF.

Program Dogs

Canine participants are to be dogs that are current on all vaccinations, medically cleared by a Veterinarian, potty trained and void of any aggressive tendencies.

Training Classes

Before bringing dogs, the Veterans must attend a 6 week training class to learn how to train with positive reinforcement training methods. These classes will include care and grooming, how to clicker train and recordkeeping.

Assignments for Dogs

Upon completion of these 6 classes, five to ten veterans will each be allowed to bring their dog for a final evaluation and apply the skills taught in class with Empowered Warrior dogs, to their own personal dogs.

This last step will give the Veterans a chance to try the program before they are committed to it and for Empowered Warriors staff to see which Veterans work best with their dog.

Selected admitted Veterans will proceed with 7 group classes for basic obedience skills. Each Veteran and their dog will have their own folders to track training progress, equipment, supplies, dog diet and medication forms.

Once Veterans have completed basic obedience I level program, they may be invited to participate in further training programs which would build upon skill levels such as Therapy Dog Training.


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