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presley Bailey is a sweet rescue angel, very smart and has a lot of energy. She is guessed to be 8-9 months old, and a Black Mouth Cur. Her shots were updated and she was spayed in August of 2018. From what we know, she gets along with other dogs and children, and simply needs a loving family that has some time to spend with her. Based in Wimberley, Texas.

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presley Maddie is an adorable ten month old Black and White Pittie Dog. She's mostly black with a bit of white above her nose, under her chin and on her chest and belly. The tips of her feet are also white, making it look like she dipped them into white paint! Maddie is extremely friendly, loves everyone and is very kissy and eager to be involved in everything. She loves belly rubs and loves to play. Rescued from living in a cardboard enclosure, she is now enjoying life and learning how to walk on a leash and share her toys. Maddie is in the midst of being trained, and a Trainer will come with her adoption to complete her 'education.' Maddie is available for 'foster2adopt' or adoption.

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presley Presley is an almost 5 year old yellow lab/golden retriever mix. Her owner is looking to re-home her because of a recent move to an apartment. She is primarily an inside dog, but loves to play and run outside. Presley would be happy with a big yard or lots of land where she can run and play. She is very energetic and requires lots of exercise. She loves to play fetch. Presley has been house trained since she was a puppy. She knows several commands such as, sit, lay, shake, “get on your bed,” and “kennel up.” Presley will be receiving training from Karma Dog Training to help with her people skills and leash walking skills. She needs a loving owner who has time to walk her, exercise her and show her lots of love and attention.

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Charlie & Buddy

charlie-buddy A couple of months ago I was awoken in the middle of the night by my neighbor's dogs barking at 2 stray dogs that were roaming around the neighborhood. I went outside but the dogs had left. The next morning I went outside to find my neighbor's trash all over my backyard and the 2 dogs laying on my porch. I was hesitant to approach strange dogs but as soon as I stepped outside they both started wagging their tails like crazy and practically throwing themselves on the ground showing their bellies with happy smiles. I attempted to find a owner posting signs and contacting my local shelter but no one was ever found.

I know from volunteering at my shelter how quickly dogs are put to sleep and I didn't want that for them. I decided to try to find a home for them myself but I underestimated how difficult that would be. The dogs were covered in fleas so I took them to my vet and they are now flea free and heart worm negative. They have their first round of vaccinations and have been started on a flea/worm preventative. My vet estimates their age to be close to a year but they act like big puppies. They each weight 50 lbs and should get no larger. They are terrier mix and Rhodesian ridgeback mix I've been told. As you can see in the pictures one is a brindle coloring and the other brown with white markings.

I'm in need of help with these dogs to get them a home. They are very sweet but from being on the streets they aren't trained so they need help with learning not to jump and lick, really a lot of juvenile behavior. I've been walking them on leashes and they do well, they seem quick to learn and have almost gotten sit. Being both males and not fixed at this time it has caused a little tousle between them. The smaller one I call Charlie had scratched his ear causing a small bit of blood and I think that attributed to the problem. It worried me I've separated them in different fences but them seem to miss each other. I'm not experienced enough for the situation I've gotten myself into, I've never had male dogs before or had to train any.

I'm getting to the end of my rope financially and mentally, I've just graduated from college so I'm still looking for work and finances are very tight. Vet care and food is a strain for me right now and my father is having health issues with cancer that I'm trying to help attend to. I can't bear to take these dogs to a shelter that could put them to sleep but I'm getting quite desperate. I'm willing to do everything I can to help them even if it means driving 3-4 hours away if they'll have a good home. I will also give a donation if that helps an organization take them in. I thank you for any help for these dogs because I know a loving patient owner is what these guys need. Thank you so much.

-Angie Elliot